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Lenten: Ash Wednesday

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season for Christians around the world. It is a day of repentance, reflection, and spiritual renewal. The tradition of receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday goes back centuries and is a powerful symbol of our mortality and need for redemption.

During the Ash Wednesday service, the priest or minister places ashes on the forehead of the worshipper in the shape of a cross, while saying the traditional phrase, "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." This phrase is a reminder of our mortality and the need to turn away from sin and focus on spiritual renewal.

Ashes have been used as a symbol of repentance and mourning for thousands of years, and the practice of using them on Ash Wednesday can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The ashes are typically made from the palm branches used on Palm Sunday of the previous year, which are burned and then mixed with holy water.

The ashes serve as a visible reminder of our commitment to repentance and spiritual growth during the Lenten season. They symbolise our willingness to turn away from sin and to focus on the things that truly matter. As we receive the ashes on our foreheads, we are reminded of our own mortality and the need to focus on the eternal.

Lent is a time of introspection and spiritual growth, and Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of this journey. It is a time to examine our hearts and minds, to seek forgiveness for our sins, and to recommit ourselves to living a life of faith and service.

As we begin this Lenten journey, let us embrace the symbolism of the ashes and the cross, and let us strive to live lives that are pleasing to God. May we use this time to deepen our relationship with God and to grow in our love for others. Let us remember that we are dust, but that we are also beloved children of God, called to live lives of purpose and meaning.

Ash Wednesday Mass 2023

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