1.         Today’s the day!  This very afternoon, from 2-5, we’re having FUN!!  The long-awaited Family Fun Day is here.  So make sure you come and have unbridled merriment in the church garden this afternoon!


2.         In this, Our Lady’s month of May, we will once again meet this Wednesday evening at 1900 to say the Rosary together.


3.         Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be on Sunday 29 May, following the Parish Mass.  At the meeting, we’ll elect 2 Churchwardens and 2 Almoners to serve for the coming year.  Nominations open today and the forms are at the back of church.  Anyone wishing to stand for election must be on the Electoral Roll and must be proposed and seconded by two people who are also on the Electoral Roll.


Additionally, to vote in any election, you need to be on the Electoral Roll, so if you’re not already on the roll, please complete a form soon.  They are available at the back of church.


4.         Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to come and help  beautify the Memorial Garden on Saturday 28 May.  There’s still room for more volunteers - so sign-up today!